Are You Utilizing Your Image Alt Tags?

It might sound silly, but something as little as utilizing image alt tags can make a huge impact on your business. Not only does it help with your SEO, but people are actually far more likely to find you on google images if you’re using them. If you’re not sure what alt tags are, they’re the same as alt text, which is what helps describe what an image is.


Instruction on how to alter your alt text in wordpress


A little backstory for you: Alt tags (or alt text) was actually created for the vision impaired. It’s because of those little buggers that someone that has difficulty seeing, or blind, can know what the heck their supposed to be seeing or reading through. With that being said, the more descriptive your alt text can be, the better. Just don’t be getting spammy on me, or the rest of your readers.

Now if you’re on WordPress, you’ll have the wonderful plugin known as Yoast SEO. If you don’t have it already, well… you should get on that now. It helps you determine if you’re meeting the keywords you’re looking for. It gives you recommendations, and it’ll pick up on the fact that you have quality alt text in your post or page.

So, my homework for you today is this: 
Go through the images on your website. Do they have alt text placed in? If they don’t, fit in the right words that describe the image! Have any questions? Don’t hesitate to shoot me an email!



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